Am ch Can Sel ch Brownhill's Willow V Kysarah, ROMC TT HIC OFA

Am Sel Ch Can Sel Ch Sanremo's Starbuck's In Motion OFA

Can Ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Leonardo OFA

FV Can ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Mauricio

Can Ch Brownhill-Kysarah's MakeMyDay TT OVC

Can ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Xato OFA

Am ch Can Sel ch Brown Hill's Hearthstone CD,TC,HIC,OFA

Am ch Can Sel ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Worth it, TC,OFA

Can ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Peice A Ash OFA

Can ch Brownhill's Winta V Kysarah

Can ch Brownhill's Whispa V Kysarah

Am Can ch BRotoba's Black Forest Brownhill TC HIC OFA

Can ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Request OVC

Am ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Zoey

Can FvxBrownhill-Kysarah's Margarita

Can ch Brownhill Valco Clean Sweep ROM ROMC TC

Am Can ch Brownhill's Y Naught TC HIC OFA

Can ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Lexus TC OFA

Can ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Wasn't Me OVC

Can ch Brownhill-Kysarah's Poison Ivy

Can ch Brownhill-Kysarah's New Dawn OVC

Much to many more to mention......

Kysarah Shepherds has been around since 1986... We live in Hancock NH on fifteen acres at Clear Brook Miniature Horses, In a natural Farm atmosphere environment.

  Over the years we have produced Both American and Canadian Champions, numerous obedience, tracking, agility and service dogs ...most importantly dogs that people can live with.
Here are some of our accomplishments that we either bred or owned: